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What is the source of published data?
The ICT Observatory contains data from specialized ICT surveys, licensed telecom operators, international reports, and other official sources to inform users about the developments taking place in Qatar.
Is the data public?
Yes, the data presented on this site are public.
Can I use the data for the Business Purposes?
All the data are available for free and can be used for business creation.
Are there restrictions about the usage of ICT Observatory data?
There are no restrictions on the usage of ICT Observatory Data.
How do I request data that is not available in Observatory?
If the data you are looking for is not available in the portal, you can reach us through ‘Contact Us’ page.
I have an idea on how to improve the portal. How can I share my idea?
We are always open to receive new ideas. Please send us your information through ‘Contact Us’ page.
What are the recent reports of MOTC?
The following reports are most recent
      1. Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2018 report : Households and Individuals
      2. Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2018 report : Business
      3. Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2018 report : Government
What type of data is available in ICT Observatory?
ICT Observatory contains Primary Data that is collected through surveys as well as Secondary Data collected from national and international organizations.
How frequently datasets are being updated?
Depends on the strategic requirement of MOTC.
Which browsers are supported?
Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome.
Which platforms are supported?
Any platform that use supported web browsers.
Do I need any plugins to display data?
No, You don't need any plugin.
How to export reports?
Exporting data is currently not supported.