About the Initiative
The Ministry of Transport & Communications develops ICT related indicators of Qatar from time to time and furnishes them in the central repository of Qatar’s ICT Observatory. This initiative continuum is to promote the transparency and accountability of the Government as well as to spur the research and development in the country. The central repository contains information regarding ICT surveys, licensed telecom operators, international reports and aggregated data from various official sources.
Qatar is ranked 3rd in GCI 2018 in the Arab region
GCI is an index developed by UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) aiming to provide insights into the cybersecurity engagement of Member States. Rooted in the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA), the third version of GCI 2018 - oversees the level of commitment in five areas: Legal, Technical, Organizational, Capacity building, and Cooperation. GCI 2018 covered 175 countries around the world.

In 2018, Qatar advanced eight positions in the global landscape and occupied 17th position, from 25th in 2017 and is ranked 3rd in the Arab region.
Qatar retains 30th rank in Logistics Performance Index, 2018
Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is published by World Bank (WB) biannually, which evaluates countries across a number of indicators. The index considers the factors such as logistics competence and skills, quality of trade-related infrastructure, price of international shipments and frequency of in time reach of shipments. The index also helps the governments to benchmark the progress from time to time.

Qatar is ranked 30th among 160 economies and is ranked 2nd in the GCC region in 2018. At an overall level, Qatar’s score (3.54 out of 5) has increased by 6% when compared with that of 2016 report.